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How Gurkee's Are Made

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how gurkees are made


How Gurkee's Rope Sandals Are Made

100% Made In USA...

Yes!  Gurkee's Rope Sandals are made right here in the USA.  Gurkee's is an American family owned company based in West Virginia, USA.  The new owner, Ray Sickles made a committment to help make a difference in helping to rebuild America by providing manufacturing jobs and purchasing supplies made in the USA.  Carpet yarn is purchased from carpet yarn manufacturers in Southeast USA then shipped to Morgantown to be twisted into rope and then made into your very own Gurkee's Sandals.

The Process...

Making rope sandals by hand is an art.  At Gurkee's, the entire process of attatching the straps, construction, cutting the soles, edging and tagging is all done by hand. Creating rope sandals is a lengthy process by skilled artisans, unlike many shoes manufactured by machines in China that cost much more than Gurkee's.

Production Time...

Gurkee's sandals are made every day in our factory in West Virginia by our large staff of skilled artisans.  For large orders please call us for an estimate of production time.  Most individual orders are shipped the same day the order is received or within a week in the event we don't have them in inventory and they have to be specially made.

Colors and Styles...

Gurkee's are available in six different styles.... Barbados, Kona, Montego, Neptune, Tobago and Trinidad. Keep posted, since we do have a few more styles planned in the future.  Current colors are Natural, Tan, Black, Yellow, Gold, Navy, Hunter Green, Rust, Olive, Red, Purple, Black and Natural mix, Sky Blue and a few more.  Colors are subject to availability at time of order.

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